Why Choose Cold Rock

We do have competitors. This keeps us on our toes! We know we have to be at our best to attract the best people to work with our system.

Here are some of the great benefits of being a Cold Rock Franchisee:

We are the biggest pure ice cream brand in Australia.

This means that you will benefit from brand awareness and the natural attraction that customers have with the comfort and security of a familiar name.

Our size gives us buying power.

The cost of your raw materials has an important impact on the profitability of your store. We negotiate with major supplies – like Coca Cola for example – to minimise this cost.

The Cold Rock product is very appealing to the 21st Century’s love of designer products.

Everyone seems to want to be an individual – from mobile phone ring tones to strangely located body piercing. Cold Rock fits in nicely with Generation Y and Z’s desire for something unique. There are literally thousands of ice cream and lolly combinations.

The quality of the Cold Rock brand has attracted many experienced business operators.

Whilst some Franchisees are happy to settle for a single store, we make every effort to support and encourage Franchisees looking to build a multi-store portfolio. If you have “Empire Building” ambitions, you’ll find us very motivated to assist.

Cold Rock is a "destination" brand. People do travel long distances to purchase our products.

Most other ice cream brands are not – they are “impulse” buys. The majority of ice cream retailers rely on passing traffic found in shopping centres and other venues where a significant rental must be paid. Cold Rock stores are best located in a strip shopping precinct – which attracts a lower rent and therefore higher margins for the owner.

When you join Cold Rock as a Franchisee, you will be assigned a Business Support Manager (BSM).

Each BSM is in turn supported by our team at Head office. Your BSM will act as a business coach, as a problem-solver, and as an ideas person. Through Best Practice inspections, they will hold you accountable for the high standards we expect from each Franchisee. They will assist you with local marketing strategies to boost your turnover. They will help you to identify management issues like portion control and team scheduling. They will invite you to meet with other franchisees to network and to workshop. They’ll also schedule regular training events too

What's in it for me?

Aha! Now we come to a really important part. WIFM – "What’s In it For Me?" There are many franchise systems in Australia. We Australians love being our own boss. But why would you join us rather than any of the hundreds of other systems?

We reckon that there are several compelling reasons why you would want to choose ice cream as a preferred product, and then Cold Rock as a preferred system.

In Favour of Ice Cream

  • Almost everyone is a customer. According to ibisworld, Australia is the third highest consumer of ice cream in the world with per capita consumption of 18 litres per year (with only the US and New Zealand ahead of us). And don’t think that ice cream is just a summer treat; our numbers at Cold Rock do fluctuate with the seasons – but not by that much!
  • Ice cream is a “clean” product. Just spend a bit of time trying to extract the grease and fat that builds up in the equipment of many other fast-food outlets and you’ll see what we mean.
  • There is far less wastage with ice cream. Baked items (Brumbys & Bakers Delight), fresh fruit (Boost) and sandwiches (Subway) have limited shelf life. There is seldom any wastage with Cold Rock Ice Cream, which is frozen.
  • No business is totally “recession proof”. But when times do get tough, people spend more on treats to keep their spirits up. A trip to the movies with the family may be outside the budget. This isn’t the case with a trip to Cold Rock.
  • And of course ice cream is a fun product. It’s a treat. You’ll see people at their best. At their most relaxed.